Introducing Vogel R3D – the future of rail surveying

A revolutionary new service from the surveying experts at Plowman Craven, Vogel R3D is a unique, UAV-based system that enables the comprehensive surveying of rail infrastructure to a sub-5mm accuracy in a fraction of the time of a traditional survey.

Able to cover even the busiest and most inaccessible areas of the rail network from a working height of 25m, Vogel R3D can capture data from a position of safety even during traffic hours, removing the need for possessions and line blocks, and drastically reducing the exposure of workers to risk. The result is a shortening of programme times and significant cost savings.

Network Rail has called the Vogel R3D system a “game-changer” – take a look at our latest video or find out more about the Vogel R3D system and UAV Rail Surveys.

Or to find out more about how Vogel R3D could help on your next project please get in touch using your preferred method.

Vogel R3D Datasheet (PDF 4MB)