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Plowman Craven has more than 50 years’ experience providing integrated measurement and consultancy services to the property and infrastructure markets.

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Environmental Planning Services

Environmental Specialists

Plowman Craven's in-house environmental planning team is able to support on all aspects of the environmental assessment process, from carrying out initial environmental baseline surveys to providing design advice to mitigate any adverse impacts on the environment. We provide support for the following environmental disciplines:

  • Noise, Vibration & Air Quality
  • Townscape & Heritage
  • Daylight, Sunlight & Overshadowing
  • Archaeology
  • Contaminated Land
  • Flood Risk & Drainage
  • Ecology

Environmental Planning Services...

Pre-Acquisition Surveys and Environmental Due Diligence

Environmental due diligence is an increasingly important part of corporate due diligence and failure to adequately assess environmental risks can lead to unexpected costs and project delays. We offer pre-acquisition environmental assessment services which feed into feasibility studies, helping to identify environmental issues and opportunities, and maximising the potential for a site or portfolio.

Services include

  • Environmental feasibility studies and early planning mitigation
  • Environmental desktop surveys – including Phase 1 contaminated land assessment, ecology, flood risk and other environmental considerations
  • Review of environmental contractual obligations
  • Identifying onerous environmental requirements and associated cost implications
  • On-site environmental surveys to assess viability and likely need/cost of environmental mitigation

Planning Application Support, including Section 73 and Reserved Matters Applications

We deliver a range of environmental surveys and assessments to support the planning process, including contamination, ecology, noise, air quality, flood risk and rights of light.

We also provide support with local authority technical liaison and have a proven track record of achieving mutually beneficial planning outcomes.

Services include

  • Support with planning applications, including Section 73 and Reserved Matters applications
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) management and coordination
  • Expert review of environmental planning requirements
  • Technical reporting including noise, air quality, ecology and flood risk
  • Stakeholder management

EIA Management and Coordination

We undertake, coordinate and manage Environmental Impact Assessments to determine the likely significant environmental effects of new developments including residential, commercial and retail. We also have experience with energy and infrastructure developments, taking clients through each step of the process, from initial Screening and Scoping to the production of the Environmental Statement.

Services include

  • EIA Screening to determine if an EIA is needed
  • EIA Scoping to agree the approach of the EIA
  • Undertaking EIA to determine the likely significant environmental effects of a new development
  • Preparation of Environmental Statements and Non-Technical Summaries

Stakeholder Engagement

PC Enviro provide consultation throughout the planning process from initial feasibility to demolition and construction. Our collaborative approach helps build strong working relationships with all stakeholders to ensure the best possible outcome.

Services include

  • Consultation with all key stakeholders including local authorities, Environment Agency, Natural England and Historic England
  • Attendance at pre-application meetings and public exhibitions

Noise, Vibration and Air Quality Monitoring

We offer a full range of automated and manual noise, vibration and air quality surveys and monitoring using state-of-the-art monitoring systems, providing real-time web interfaces to help keep clients and stakeholders engaged and informed. SMS texts are triggered automatically to notify site managers when levels are elevated in order for them to take action to avoid complaints.

A full range of structural and deformation monitoring services are available at PC Monitoring.

Construction Environmental Management

Noise, vibration and dust from construction activities can cause significant risk to contractors and developers and, when not properly managed, can lead to programme delays, commercial impacts and reputational damage.

Plowman Craven can provide assistance in the preparation and management of Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP), especially in relation to the more technically complex elements such as noise and vibration or materials management for remediation projects.

We offer a range of assessment, monitoring and consultancy services to minimise potential risks and achieve compliance with local authority requirements.

Services include

  • Noise, vibration and air quality modelling of construction activities in advance of construction to predict potential impacts and potential for complaints
  • Cost-effective advice regarding environmental mitigation measures
  • Invasive species, ecology and archaeology surveys
  • Assistance with management/closure of outstanding contaminated land planning conditions
  • Environmental management plans and trigger action plans and support gaining consents
  • Material and soil management plans for sites with significant earthwork requirements or contamination risk
  • Discharge of planning conditions

Planning Condition Discharge

Once consent has been granted, we provide advice and support throughout the demolition and construction phases.

Services include

  • Discharge of environmental planning conditions including Reserved Matters applications
  • Post-planning advice including Section 73 applications

Pre-Completion Air Tightness and Sound Insulation Testing

We provide accredited air tightness and sound insulation testing to contractors and developers to satisfy Building Regulation requirements. These services are delivered in combination with Plowman Craven’s Area Referencing services, offering a comprehensive ‘one-stop shop’.

Our experienced teams respond at short notice on the largest of projects. Should the test fail, we provide simple and cost-effective mitigation advice to help resolve any problems.

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Let’s discuss your requirements and see how our expertise in Environmental Planning Services can help on your next project.

Plowman Craven has more than 50 years’ experience providing integrated measurement and consultancy services to the property and infrastructure markets.

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