Correlation Surveys

Plowman Craven Correlation Surveys provide you with assurance that any underground structures do not obstruct or interfere with proposed designs. We achieve this through the application of robust survey practices to produce measurement data to the highest precision.

When a development involves piling or other sub-surface works, it is essential that the geospatial relationship of items both above and below ground is determined to a high degree of accuracy and reliability. Complete geospatial correlation helps to mitigate risk and assist in the avoidance of major disaster, considerable cost implications, reputable damage and construction delays.

Plowman Craven is extensively experienced in this area having successfully delivered Correlation Surveys for many development projects including both Network Rail and London Underground assets. We offer an all-encompassing service including:

  • Expert consultancy on survey grids
  • In depth understanding of Network Rail and London Underground requirements
  • Robust survey practice delivering reliable and accurate data
  • Highly qualified teams
  • Cutting edge, rapid data collection techniques enabling multiple, value added deliverables
  • ClearRoute™ analysis to aid design of monitoring regimes