Aerial Surveys and Inspection

With the ability to cover large areas and access hard-to-reach locations, Plowman Craven is now offering clients a range of Aerial Surveying and Inspection Services, using advanced technology to deliver highly-accurate aerial survey data across the property, construction and infrastructure markets.

Aerial Drone

We are fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority, with a team of fully-trained, qualified and experienced personnel able to deploy the latest ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’ (UAV) drone technology nationwide. Working closely with Plowman Craven survey teams – across our Area Referencing, BIM and Rail divisions - our UAV services are seamlessly integrated into workflows throughout the project lifecycle.

The use of UAVs has grown exponentially in recent years as technology develops and the many benefits are harnessed. Highly-manoeuvrable, ultra-reliable and fitted with HD cameras, Plowman Craven’s UAVs represent a much quicker, more cost effective way of surveying inaccessible, hazardous or large scale sites.

With less manpower required – and greatly reduced levels of risk – UAVs collect comprehensive data in a fraction of the time to an accuracy level that is comparable with traditional laser scanners. From roof inspections to rail track measurement and topographical surveys, our UAV capabilities offer a wide range of measuring and surveying solutions, including:


  • High-Resolution Photography – including 360-degree panoramas
  • 3D Point Clouds
  • Textured meshes
  • Aerial Maps

Benefits of using UAV:

  • Rapid data capture
  • Survey grade accuracy
  • Ability to reach inaccessible or hazardous locations
Civil Aviation Authority Logo - Plowman Craven are holders of a CAA Permission for Commercial Operation (Licence No. 2703)

Plowman Craven is certified by the Civil Aviation Authority (permission No.2703) and all pilots possess a Remote Pilot Licence from a CAA-approved training provider as well as an EASA Class 2 medical certificate. All projects are rigorously risk assessed and conducted in strict observation of all required public safety standards.

Plowman Craven are holders of a CAA Permission for Commercial Operation (Licence No. 2703)