Project Profile - Coal Drops Yard at King's Cross

As part of the wider redevelopment of King’s Cross in central London, Argent has restored and transformed a pair of long Victorian warehouses with attached train viaducts – known as Coal Drops Yard - to create a new public space and retail destination.

Having been involved at King’s Cross for more than 15 years, including laser-scanning the warehouses early in the project, Plowman Craven was commissioned to produce an independent area measurement survey of the newly-created retail units set within the original Victorian buildings.

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What we did…

The majority of the measurement was undertaken in one phase using the latest technology to ensure correct levels of detail and data quality. The rapid nature of the data capture ensured minimal disruption to the construction and fit-out that was taking place at the same time.

This was a complex construction project, with historic buildings being converted into prime retail space and a number of unusual geometries characterising the main leisure space. As such, it was an extremely challenging project for Plowman Craven.

It was made even more difficult by the fact that internal works, shop fit-outs and floor laying in the common areas was ongoing whilst survey measurements were undertaken, with a considerable amount of debris, fit-out material, tower scaffolding, temporary flooring, heavy machinery and construction tools for our teams to navigate. The work was also constrained by the contractor’s access programme.

In the end, though, we were successfully able to survey the entire site and provide the client with a complete area measurement report in line with the RICS Code of Measuring Practice 6th Edition to the agreed specifications.

Again, it is great to be part of the continued creative redevelopment of King's Cross. The new design of the Coal Drops Yard retail scheme will not only enhance the location but looks set to become a London 'destination' in its own right.

Peter Folwell, Director, Plowman Craven
Coal Drops Yard at King's Cross

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