Project Profile - Greenwich Creekside

Creekside Wharf will be a community of 249 premium apartments to rent on the banks of Deptford Creek in Greenwich. It will consist of two towers; the first will be a 23-storey tower, with the second a smaller 12-storey tower that’s designed specifically for families. Both towers are of core and modular construction.

Due to PC Monitoring's wide experience in engineering surveying, InnC UK approached PCM to provide a host of construction and engineering services to ensure that the various trade contractors built the towers to the highest of accuracies, as well as providing assurances to both client and developer throughout the build.

What we did…

Since April 2017 PC Monitoring has been involved with the project. With the tower being the tallest modular construction tower in the UK to date it was key for the trade contractors to set-out both core, core slab and module baseplates to the tightest of tolerances for both position and level. Throughout the build it was our responsibility to undertake the following independent surveys:

  • Survey Control Verification
  • Modular As-Built Verification
  • Slab Deflection Monitoring Survey
  • Gridline & Datum Setting-out
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Window Alignment Surveys

On a daily basis PC Monitoring would report on any discrepancies to enable the client to instruct the trade contractor re-works where required. We also had full on-site presence and coordinated the various tasks with both contractors and client directly throughout the build to overcome daily challenges.

Once each level was completed, floor by floor handover packages showing as built drawings and data compared to design were issued as a record of conformance.

Another great example of how our skilled and flexible workforce supported the client to ensure a successful build.

Nick de Rossi, Project Director, PC Monitoring
Greenwich Creekside

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