BIM Underground Services

Plowman Craven can deliver underground services (UGS) information within the BIM environment. With the survey data to hand, the UGS information is authored within Autodesk Revit based on a library of components developed in strict accordance the national standards (PAS1192, BS1192, BS8541).

The UGS model is then read with the topographic and building information to complete the full picture. Uniclass1.4 and Uniclass2015 classification systems are attached to the UGS information as well as other useful dimensional/survey data that can be used to better manage the model data and inform the reader of the current site conditions.

BIM Underground Services

As standard, a typical UGS model would include the following; inspection chambers (including manholes/access/extensions), gullies, backdrops, foul and surface water drainage pipes, electrical/telecom/cable TV cable ducts, gas pipes, water supply pipes and services relating to adjacent properties.

In the example below, both topography and underground utilities information have been seamlessly integrated within a Revit model. The result is a powerful and intuitive tool which can be used by all stakeholders and at varying stages of a development, with each pipe/utility being recognisable by colour and description.

Please note that the list of parameters in this example has been simplified to make it web-friendly. Here is a typical list of model attributes that the client will be able to interrogate

  • Easy to read and understand the connectivity between below ground services to above ground services as well as adjacent buildings etc
  • Provides the design team with an industry standard compliant BIM-ready model
  • Quick visualisation of existing services
  • More data and information than a traditional 2D/3D AutoCAD services survey
  • Object based information as opposed to line based information
  • Fully classified information in accordance with Uniclass1.4 and Uniclass 2015
  • Potential for design team to pass survey data into analysis software to ascertain current capacities and conditions