Project Profile - Bloomberg LU Adit Monitoring

Judged the UK’s best new building in winning the RIBA Stirling Prize, Bloomberg’s European HQ in London was a truly amazing project to be involved with. Plowman Craven provided a range of monitoring services throughout the construction stages of this unique and extremely challenging development.

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What we did…

Our specialist PC Monitoring division was involved over a two-year period during construction, helping Hochtief UK (HUK) to understand any impact of the works.

This was particularly important given the excavation and construction of two tunnel adits which interfaced directly with LUL assets, most notably the pedestrian access tunnels to the Waterloo & City line at Bank station (which remained open for the majority of the construction work).

The creation of a new pedestrian access and escalator tunnel from the Bloomberg building directly into Bank also necessitated constant monitoring to measure any distortion or movement of the internal steel lining panelling.

With scaffolding everywhere and a great deal of digging going on, providing daily and weekly reports on a range of parameters was a very challenging process. Having established baseline and background readings, our bespoke monitoring solutions for this project included:

• Precise levelling for heave and settlement of platform

• Total station for deformation monitoring

• Settlement monitoring of Queen Victoria St

• Prisms and retro targets used in pedestrian tunnels

• PLP (precise levelling point) on platforms

Plowman Craven's measurement teams worked extensively on the main Bloomberg HQ project - click here to read the case study.

When we embarked on this project, we wanted to create a cutting-edge design that would push the boundaries of what an office building could be, which meant setting new standards for openness and sustainability. At the same time, we wanted to honour London’s history and contribute to its vitality.

We knew that if we could achieve both objectives, we’d have a building that would inspire everyone who set foot inside it. The RIBA Stirling Prize indicates that – thanks to the brilliant Norman Foster – we succeeded. And we’re grateful to everyone who worked so hard to bring it to life.

Michael R. Bloomberg, Founder of Bloomberg L.P. and Bloomberg Philanthropies

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