Construction Verification

As a long-standing supplier of 3D digital surveys in to the built environment, Plowman Craven is constantly developing processes, technologies and services that add value to complex construction projects by minimising risk, time and cost impacts.

Construction Verification Example

Our Construction Verification services enable clients to mitigate some of the ever-present and costly delay, RFI’s, re-works, package creep, legal and financial variations that affect projects by precisely auditing and recording what has been constructed against what was designed. This is performed through laser-scanning using our state-of-the-art Leica equipment.

By providing clients with documented, independent certification of the positional accuracy and content of installations, Construction Verification represents an ‘insurance policy’ against potential variation claims as well as a method of proving conformance to contractual tolerance set by the design teams.

Deliverables include:

  • Point cloud data
  • Construction Verification Report, including Naviswork files and 2D outputs
  • TruView
  • 2D CAD mark-ups