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NHS Property Services

What's the Story?

NHS Property Services owns and manages a £3billion portfolio of more than 3,500 properties across the UK, these being mainly health centres, GP surgeries, hospitals and offices. With more than half of these occupations not formally documented, NHS PS has undertaken a programme of lease regularisation to verify and agree the space attributable to each customer, helping to clarify the rights and responsibilities of owners and occupiers.

In collaboration with other key stakeholders, Plowman Craven provided NHS PS with standardised floor plans and measured building surveys, enabling the sustainable and efficient management of the estate through improved consistency of property records and the digitisation of the space attribution data.

By using this information to formalise new leases, NHS PS is able to reach agreement with customers on space used, ensuring clarity on rental costs for both landlord and tenant. The process will also ensure that any vacant space can be identified and subsequently let or sold, providing income to the NHS.

What did we do?

Plowman Craven was commissioned to provide drawing plan preparations showing floor areas and the current state of occupation in accordance with RICS 6th Code of Measuring Practice and Guidance Note 60, which covers the Valuation of Medical Centre & Surgery Premises.

To help NHS property managers better understand the RICS Guidance and its relationship with their own occupancy area classification guidelines, we created a detailed project guidelines document at the outset and also delivered a presentation to stakeholders to clarify the project requirements. The work itself took place in multiple phases over three years, to produce the following for approx. 2,500 properties:

  • Measured Building Surveys
  • Appropriately scaled 2D floor plans
  • Net Internal Area (NIA) calculations (in accordance with RICS GN 60)
  • NIA of all occupant demises and shared/common spaces
  • Gross Internal & External Area (GIA & GEA) calculations
  • Site area plans including car parking spaces
NHS Property Services

Let’s discuss your requirements

Let’s discuss your requirements and see how our expertise will deliver trusted results throughout the project lifecycle.

Plowman Craven has more than 50 years’ experience, we provide integrated measurement and consultancy services.