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What's the story?

In June 2013 Land Securities committed to the development of 1 & 2 New Ludgate, EC4 comprising two distinct buildings united by a new public piazza. Together they comprise 346,000 sq ft of office accommodation and 32,000 sq ft of restaurant and retail facilities with completion scheduled for April 2015.

Existing multi-storey buildings at the site were located over the line of an electricity cable tunnel 33 metres below ground and, with the demolition of existing buildings planned to basement level, there was a need for the cable tunnel, the Limeburner Lane substation basement, and the Seacole Shaft to be monitored as small movements might result from the works taking place. The Engineering Team at Plowman Craven was appointed to design a monitoring scheme to monitor the substation and the surrounding buildings and both the Bankside and Farringdon Cable tunnels also running underneath.

In addition to this, Plowman Craven also supplied a further series of surveys to Land Securities. Dimensional measured building plans were accurately captured primarily with laser scanning and topographical surveys were combined with underground utilities surveys.

Property Old Bailey Ludgate Hill
Property Old Bailey Ludgate Hill 1

What we delivered

Underground utilities surveys

Installation of primary control network utilised throughout each phase of the project

Full buried services survey of roads encircling the site and two basement car park areas. This included overhead services within the basement area.

Measured building surveys

  • Measured Building Survey of the basement and sub-basement with 2D delivery in 1:50 scale.
  • Internal elevations of key positions showing position of services.

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  • Full colour TruView™ of the surrounding elevations and streetscape
  • 3D laser scanning of the basement and sub-basement of Limeburner Lane sub-station (UKPN) and full colour TruView™

Structural and Environmental Monitoring

  • Manual monitoring (precise Levelling, observations of retro targets and crack gauging) of Limeburner Lane sub-station basements and surrounding streets.
  • Full electrical services survey of all services within the basement levels of the sub-station.  All data was mapped onto the TruView™ using hotlinks to additional photos and reports.

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Plowman Craven has more than 50 years’ experience, we provide integrated measurement and consultancy services.