Plowman Craven can help with all environmental planning requirements

We can help with all your environmental planning requirements, in particular bats, as emergence and re-entry surveys are seasonally restricted.

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Species to watch out for

There are many animals and plants that are legally protected under UK and European law. Their presence on site can have significant implications for the timing and success of a planning application, as well as for the timing and delivery of construction work.

The most commonly encountered protected species are bats, dormice, great crested newts, badgers, birds and reptiles.

The most common invasive species are Himalayan Balsam, Giant Hogweed, Japanese Knotweed, and Rhododendron.

About our Environmental Planning Services

The environmental planning process looks to minimise environmental impacts and ensures developments meet environmental regulatory requirements. Failure to adequately assess environmental risk can lead to unexpected costs and project delays.

Our Environmental Planning teams are experts in:

  • Contaminated Land Assessment
  • Ecological Surveys
  • Archaeological Surveys
  • Air Quality, Noise & Traffic Assessment
  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • Daylight & Sunlight Assessments

We can help you to overcome issues encountered at the planning stage, by:

  • Offering a specialist assessment early in the planning process to identify potential environmental constraints
  • Working with identified environmental constraints to develop a target masterplan
  • Consulting with the Local Planning Authority at an early stage
Smooth Newt Environmental Planning Services
Plowman Craven can help with all environmental planning requirements

Let’s discuss your requirements

Let’s discuss your requirements and see how our expertise will deliver trusted results throughout the project lifecycle.

Plowman Craven has more than 50 years’ experience, we provide integrated measurement and consultancy services.