Plowman Craven Underground Utilities team continues to invest

At Plowman Craven we constantly invest in new technologies and strive for the highest quality output for our services. We are very pleased to announce that we have upgraded our Underground Utilities team with the latest Leica DS2000 Ground Penetrating Radar system.

New Gpr Equipment 1

The Utility detector features a dual frequency antenna, 250MHz and 700 MHz with sampling frequency of 400kHz for simultaneous detection of both shallow and deep targets. The DS2000 can identify any potential threat including non-conductive pipes and cables, reducing the risk of striking buried assets and increasing safety on site.

With an acquisition speed higher than 10km/h and a staggering 42 scans per metre with 381 scans per second, the DS2000 is one of the state-of-art GPR’s now available in the market. This means that your underground utilities survey will be completed to the highest standard and in a shorter timescale.

Plowman Craven Underground Utilities team continues to invest

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