Plowman Craven Reaffirms Its Commitment to Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Plowman Craven is pleased to announce the appointment of its new BIM Technical Specialist. Andy McKay (pictured right) joined the business on 1st November and his appointment reinforces the organisation's commitment to the provision of As-Built Surveying Solutions for Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Management purposes.

Andy has worked within the Architecture industry and the BIM environment for the past 8 years from both a supplier and a client perspective and his role at Plowman Craven will focus on maximising the companys' ability to deliver and manage projects using platforms such as Revit.

Andy was first exposed to Revit at his first job in Australia where it was a fairly new product to the mass market.

I was hooked immediately and have since been a huge advocate for it. BIM was still a relatively new concept in the UK when I arrived four years ago, but in the past eighteen months it has taken off in a very big way. I believe we are now at the stage that if you work in the built environment and are not adapting to the BIM environment, you will be left behind!
I joined Plowman Craven knowing it has a very large part to play in the true BIM lifecycle. BIM is so much more than just modelling and coordinating in 3D, it's a complete process that should last throughout the life of the building.
Andy McKay, BIM Technical Specialist

Plowman Craven is at the start of this process to survey and deliver an as-built model, but most importantly, it is able to manage the model and all the information within it as it evolves throughout the building's life. I believe this is where BIM really plays its role in building management, resulting in huge time and cost savings.

Measurement surveyors are key in providing the 'Information' in Building Information Management and with Andy on board our clients can be confident in our ability to deliver 'information' to their exact requirements.
Peter Folwell, Business Development Director at Plowman Craven

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Plowman Craven Reaffirms Its Commitment to Building Information Modelling (BIM)

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