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Drones: making property inspection safer

by Peter Folwell, Director - Plowman Craven

Drones are now a standard tool in the property and construction sector, with these unmanned aerial vehicles (or UAVs) enabling everything from video and images to survey-grade geospatial data. Read on for more, and why not sign up for one of our free Drones in Property briefings? Just click the link at the bottom of the page...

Drones are now a vital tool in the property and construction sector, with these unmanned aerial vehicles (or UAVs) enabling everything from video and images to survey-grade geospatial data. The technology allows a level of monitoring and asset collection not seen or obtained before.

Falls from height are the No.1 cause of fatal work accidents in the UK, but the application of drone technology reduces this risk considerably and we can now collect survey or condition data from even the most dangerous or inaccessible areas.

That means no more trying to inspect that remote section of roof from a cherry picker, no more scaffolding, no more road closures and no more shutting down of plant as may be required with traditional monitoring or inspection jobs. Drones are fast, accurate, portable and unintrusive – they are also now a common sight that the public is becoming more and more used to.

And it’s not just in property - as part of our UAV framework agreement with Network Rail, we are able to fly our Vogel R3D at a height of 35m above the rail tracks while still obtaining sub-5mm accuracies. This removes the need for expensive possessions or track closures, and more importantly, keeps ‘boots off ballast’.

There are obvious safety, cost and efficiency benefits in the utilisation of drones across many industries, and their application will certainly continue to grow.

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Peter Folwell

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