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Musings from MIPIM

by Alison Sudbury, Senior Account Manager - Plowman Craven

Having attended the Property Industry's annual get-together in the South of France for the last 10 years or so, I'm of the opinion that the weeks following MIPIM are less frantic, but arguably more important than MIPIM week itself. Here's my take on a pivotal time of the year...

The Property Industry Gathering...

The opportunity for fact-finding and information-gathering at MIPIM is unparalleled. It would take months at my desk to research and find out the stuff I learn in those four days in Cannes.

Being amongst the first consultants on a scheme, I’m always looking for the ‘next big thing’, and it’s always MIPIM where you can say that you heard it here first! Yes it's a busy, tiring and not inexpensive week but the investment of time and energy certainly pays dividends further down the road.

This year I particularly enjoyed visiting the Manchester stand, in prime position again after being blown away in last year’s gales. And the enthusiasm for growth in the Midlands was also palpable. Little wonder these are both areas that we are now heavily involved in.

The general mood was one of cautious optimism. Brexit was an unavoidable topic, but one got the sense that people have given up speculating what might happen, and are making their own plans come what may.

It’s also great to connect with existing clients without needing to book an hour out of their day, and to meet new people with whom there’s potential to develop working relationships.

In the weeks after MIPIM I'll make a point of following up with the contacts I made, and it’s always good to receive an opportunity as a direct result of a MIPIM connection. Our target project and opportunity list is now longer as a result of the week in Cannes.

For connecting with the right people, and for knowing what’s happening in our industry, MIPIM is worth every minute.

See you there next year I hope...

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Alison Sudbury

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Alison Sudbury, Senior Account Manager

Alison has spent more than a decade building strong working relationships with clients, providing survey scope consultation to the UK's leading property developers, project managers, engineers and architects. She specialises in urban regeneration and has helped deliver some of the largest regeneration schemes in the UK.

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