Visual Effects

Plowman Craven has been providing 3D laser scanning and photogrammetry solutions to the feature film and games industries for more than a decade. Our highly mobile head and body scanning systems accurately capture geometry with high resolution textures in a split second and a large number of actors can be digitized within a very short timeframe.

Fine details of eyes, hair, skin and facial expressions are digitally captured and processed in high resolution. Once our models are created they can be used in VFX shots, special effects, costumes and Computer Game environments.

Plowman Craven’s Lidar scanning capabilities enable us to quickly and efficiently capture the details of any sets, locations or large city models. Our digital artists can create a mesh model or a quad model from the point cloud data which can be delivered in a variety of resolutions depending on end use – whether for tracking purposes or for digital doubles.

Our high definition prop scanner captures details of props and maquettes which require sub-millimetre accuracy and high resolution. Data is then supplied for animation, 3D printing, prototyping or milling.

  • Head and Body Cyber Scanning
  • Lidar Scanning
  • Prop Scanning