UAV Property & Construction

The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones has grown exponentially in recent years, not least in the property and construction markets where there are a wide range of applications for the use of this exciting new technology.

Using state-of-the-art aircraft and high-resolution cameras, Plowman Craven’s highly-trained pilots are fully certified by the Civil Aviation Authority to operate in even the most congested areas, capturing highly-accurate geospatial survey data and high-resolution imagery from even the most challenging or inaccessible location - in a fraction of the time taken by traditional survey methods.

Working with our Property Development and Property Management teams – the enhanced UAV data is seamlessly integrated into existing workflows throughout the project lifecycle, with services ranging from condition surveys, building elevations and topographical surveys to 3D Building Information Modelling, Health & Safety assessments, site visualisations. Our new Vogel R3D system, meanwhile, has revolutionised the surveying of railways.

A Range of Projects

Recent UAV survey projects have included everything from listed buildings and Central London offices to historic Universities and residential housing estates, with work being carried out at Smithfield Poultry Market, The All England Lawn Tennis Club (Wimbledon), Pembroke College Cambridge, Clapham Park and the Royal Brompton Hospital to name but a few.

In addition to the enhanced deliverables provided, significant reductions can be made in terms of manpower requirement, risk of accident, programme timeframe and disruption to site occupants – which ultimately means cost savings for clients.

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Solutions Provided


Clapham UAV Output Image UAV Orthophoto - Clapham Park

10 reasons to use Plowman Craven UAV teams

  • Survey grade accuracy
  • Rapid data capture
  • Reach inaccessible & hazardous areas
  • Time and money savings
  • CAA authorised with highest permissions

  • Fully trained, experienced and insured staff
  • Latest, safest technology deployed
  • Experience across property, infrastructure & construction markets
  • Ability to fly in congested areas, including Central London
  • Integration into workflows throughout project lifecycle

10 benefits to clients

  • Rapid deployment
  • Reduced programme timeframes
  • Efficiency savings
  • Increased information and enhanced data
  • Selective and appropriate data extraction

  • Enables continuous working and less disruption
  • Efficient repeatability
  • Range of markets & environments – buildings, landscapes, industrial, leisure
  • Integration with other survey types
  • Mass data capture
UAV Construction Site Civil Aviation Authority Logo - Plowman Craven are holders of a CAA Permission for Commercial Operation (Licence No. 2703)

Plowman Craven is certified by the Civil Aviation Authority (permission No.2703) and all pilots possess a Remote Pilot Licence from a CAA-approved training provider as well as an EASA Class 2 medical certificate. All projects are rigorously risk assessed and conducted in strict observation of all required public safety standards.

Plowman Craven are holders of a CAA Permission for Commercial Operation (Licence No. 2703)