Each sector within the utilities marketplace introduces its own operating challenges, procedures and requirements. Whether it is working in potentially contaminated surroundings, confined spaces or high voltage areas Plowman Craven has the breadth of skills, expertise and knowledge to deliver in high risk environments.


Working with a number of water utility companies our teams have provided:

  • Survey solutions on a continued basis in association with maintenance programs
  • Project management, cleansing and line/ level surveys of existing drainage facilities relating to major infrastructure developments.


Plowman Craven’s expert measured building and utility mapping teams have worked for a number of years in this sector delivering a full remit of measurement surveying services in association with refurbishment, retrofit and disposal programs.

The technologies associated with 3D laser scanning are developed specifically to deal with the complex nature of oil, gas and petro-chemical environments. We have experience in this area having worked both onshore and offshore installations.

Aligned with recent Building Information Modelling (BIM) initiatives and the government remit, we have provided consultative advice and operational assistance at Hunterston Nuclear Power Plant in relation to geospatial recording and modelling during the decommissioning program.