Data Coordinator
Ref: REC101

This role is based in Harpenden.


The role of Data Coordinator is a unique role within our business requiring strong technical, problem solving and communication skills. The ideal candidate for this role will have experience working with large datasets in various formats in a fast-paced operational environment. An understanding of the workflows and datasets specific to the Geomatics industry will also be a benefit.

Plowman Craven captures large quantities of survey data each week. To ensure that the business can function it is important that the equivalent quantity of data is archived. The primary function of the Data Coordinators role is to analyse data on the file servers and identify those projects or files which can be archived. In order to do this effectively it will be necessary to develop a strong relationship with lead surveyors and drive them to archive data that is no longer required on their project.

In addition to this the Data Coordinator will design and implement processes that automate and accelerate the flow of data throughout the project lifecycle.

Finally, they will take the lead on business initiatives that aim to improve the way data is handled. These might include the adoption of cloud based systems or the adoption of industry standards and best practices. The Data Coordinator will work within the Technical Team alongside colleagues with a focus on innovation and the development of new survey workflows.

Role Specification

  • To ensure that sufficient file storage is available for project data to be stored and processed prior to delivery.
  • To promote best practices when naming and storing project data.
  • To develop processes that automate and accelerate the flow of data during the project lifecycle.
  • To lead the adoption of enhanced data handling systems such as SharePoint Online.
  • To support the business to comply various data handling accreditations including ISO27001 and GDPR
  • To oversee the handling of project data on remote servers outside of the business’ direct control.
  • To undertake all other reasonable tasks as requested.

Person Specification

  • Will have experience working with large quantities of data in a range of formats.
  • Will have knowledge of the data formats and processes typically used within a business specialising in Geomatics.
  • Wil be a pro-active and persuasive communicator with good verbal and written skills.
  • Will have a pro-active approach to problem solving and working with colleagues to overcome issues associated with project data.
  • Will have the ability to use software tools to identify project data that does not confirm to standard processes.
  • Will have the ability to work to tight deadlines and prioritise activities according to operational need.
  • Will have a working knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of solutions such as SharePoint Online and cloud computing.

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