Our 3D Laser Scanning Capability Extended with the New HDS7000 Terrestrial Laser Scanning System

Already a proven leader in innovation, we have now procured one of the UK's first Leica HDS7000 ultra high speed scanner to ensure the best combination of speed and accuracy for its measurement survey solutions.

With scanning speeds of up to one million points per second and an extended range of over 100 meters, the HDS7000 is claimed to have the best combination of high efficiency, accuracy and low scan noise at longer ranges.

The addition of the HDS7000 to our existing range of scanning equipment gives us the versatility to take on any challenge. The phase-based scanner performs at very high speeds and the range and the quality of data is superb. The investment proves Plowman Craven's ongoing commitment to investing in new technology and innovation.

We are currently working on a number of high profile infrastructure projects such as London Bridge Station and Crossrail, and we also have a significant workload in scanning for the film and entertainment sector. Within the property market, our clients are moving towards a Building Information Management environment, and this investment will further improve and refine our scan-to-BIM workflows.

David Norris, Technical Director at Plowman Craven

Plowman Craven continues to strive forward pushing the boundaries of 3D data capture. They were amongst the very first to fully embrace 3D laser scanning technology back in the early 2000's and this purchase reaffirms the company's position as leaders in this field. With the launch of the HDS7000 we have combined ultra high speed and high density data capture, with increased accuracy up to 187m - perfect for many of the complex projects undertaken by PCL.

Tim Badley, HDS Sales Manager, Leica Geosystems